When young students do an internship abroad, do they activate some soft skills?

• Yes, they do.

Can teachers prepare young students to activate soft skills during an internship abroad?

• Yes, they can.

Is it possible for young students to evaluate their soft skills?

• Yes, it is.

All of this will be possible thanks to our project Skills Act 4 VET!

Skills Act 4 VET aims to define the five most useful Soft Skills which are ACTivated during an international work-based experience by students who attend vocational educational training schools (VET schools).

Skills Act 4 VET is a tool to help students aged 14-18 carrying out short-term mobility programmes abroad, teachers preparing and supporting the activities and companies which host students to organise the internships better.

We plan to go to work with over 2.000 students, 800 teachers and 200 companies. At the end of this two-year project, we will be able to:

  • help students, with an App that will support them during the internship, with recommendations and a test that measures the level and the quality of their Soft Skills;
  • support teachers with a new intensive and specific e-learning training;
  • support companies in providing more productive work placements.

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