The end of the year is always a good moment to take a stock, to think and reflect on the past 12 months, in order to set future goals.

2021 was not an easy year for anyone: the COVID-19 crisis continued played a major role in everybody’s lives and strongly affected the education activities, at all levels.

While at the very beginning of the pandemic, classes and laboratories in schools had been stopped and internship including forbidden, during the last year, besides the difficulties and added challenges, the adaptation to the so called ‘new reality’ become a proven reality.

The mobility projects in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme has been among the last learning activities to be re-activates. In was only in spring 2021, after 1 year from the first lockdown, when they re started at a faster rhythm.

Internship abroad are crucial for the SkillsAct4Vet project, as they are the context for the project results’ implementation, testing and dissemination

The entire partnership was looking forward to see again the students on the field, with their accompanying teachers, learning agreements to be defined, and final europass to be obtained

The resilience and the strong willing to put in place mobility activities among students, teachers and director sin all Europe, proved how important the Erasmus+ program is for the VET education.

As a focus on the SkillsAct4Vet participation, we could observe a considerable number of students taking part in the testing of the outputs specifically designed for the mobility itself.

In Malaga, during the internships coordinated by Tribeka, the SkillsAct4VET Tasksmap ( and the SkillsActAPP ( ) have been used by more than 500 participants.

Last year more that ever we saw how the experience to be abroad is life changing for young students, and how the opportunity to be hosted in foreign companies for few weeks experience can open their mind, and prepare them for the labor world.

We are aware that new challenges await us, and we are excited and ready for everything 2022 will bring to us. We wish that Covid won’t play such a central role, and that all the students that are planning today their mobilities, will realize them.

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