Lomonosov students on short terms internship in Malaga, Spain

Besides the delay in the project timeline, in Summer 2021 the learning activities in the frame of our SKILLSACT4Vet project took place in Malaga, coordinated by Tribeka training lab.

15 students from High School Lomonosov have been selected by the PGEE „Lomonosov’ to have a short term work experience in Spain.

The mobility allowed to understand the actual benefit of the SKILLSACT4VEt training on a real case of mobility that has been observed as a pilot experience during the project implementation

Both the students and the 2 accompanying teachers have been experimenting the different training sessions, the Skills Act 4 VET Work-based Tasks Map and the Assessment App and have provided constructive feedbacks used to further improve and develop the project outputs.

Tribeka has been in charge of selecting the host companies, contacting with host company tutors, facilitating the understanding of the activities carried out during the work placement and monitoring activities.

The beneficiaries of the internship are students from 10th and 11th grade of PGEE „Lomonosov“ from classes with intensive learning of Computer Engineering and Technologies, Applied Programming and Industrial Electronics. During their internship, the students were assigned to companies in the field of programming, maintenance and repair of office equipment, software and web-page development.

In cooperation with the host companies tutors, the mobility allowed the students to develop a deeper personal consciousness and understanding of one’s own transversal skills, and its activation during the short terms experience abroad.

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