Multiplayer event and new visions

On Thursday, the 31st of March, the SkillsAct4VET multiplier event finally took place in Malaga. The location was magnificent and no less were the participants.

– Therefore, let’s retrace the whole day together!

The event represented the final conclusion of the skillsAct4VET project and was hosted by the famous restaurant “El Balneario, Baños del Carmen’, offering an incredible view of the east coast of the city.

Tribeka team was rady, despite the ugly weather, to hold the meeting presenting the project.

The SkillsAct4VET lasted more than two years, actually almost 3, considering the prolongation required after the Pandemic Breck out, which puted a strain on one of the key points of the project: the exchange mobility.

However, despite the difficulties it faced, it showed great results in terms of educational

scientific methodology bringing to the attention the student’s potential to activate soft skills during the mobility and identifying 4 tools as a possible solution to those problems:

In other words, the aim of the project was to provide students, teachers and employers with new non-formal educational tools to help them facing the traineeship experience abroad.

That also means get the actors involved to act as a whole not only during the mobility but also before and after. Students hold an incredibly challenging experience and teachers  should be prepared to guide and support them during the entire process.

To that purpose, both students and teachers must develop new specific skills and be able to activate them during the mobility.

That is the vision SkillsAct4VET aims to promote!

Moreover our next goal is to keep spreading and promoting the result as far as it’s possible!

We strongly believe in the potential and utility of this methodology. Likewise, we want to offer everyone the same opportunity to get involved.

From that point of view the SkillsAct4VET Multiplier event was a real success!

It was a pleasure for our team to receive the participation of so many people interested and answer their questions. Thanks to the participation of students, teachers, local ambassadors, companies and associations who join the event.

Among the most repeated feedback we received, we can mention the suggestions to continue the project, transferring the SkillsAct4Vet methodology to a different educative sector, or widening the range of Softskills and professional fields included in the tools.

In the end, our goal is helping you and enjoying our time together! In fact, the event was also an opportunity to have fun taking pictures and enjoying the appetizer  together!

What about you? Wanna be part of our network!?

Then enjoy and share our project #SkillsAct4VET