The material has just arrived for the #multiplierevent of @skillsact4vet, which will take place this Thursday, 31st March in Malaga.

The project, which we have been working on for almost 3 years, is coming to an end, which is when it really begins its course.

The idea behind the #SkillsAct4Vet actually comes from 2018 when, in the ETN working groups, we started to ask ourselves what we could focus on to improve the mobility experiences of our thousands of students.

Much was already being done to facilitate the acquisition of language skills.

And the importance of offering effective placements had always been at the heart of our work.

Looking through the thousands of handbooks by students who had gone through our training agencies, we noticed that in their end-of-project comments, students referred to how they had gained ‘more autonomy’, felt ‘more self-confidence’, had made some decision about their future.

Even when the experience had only lasted a few weeks, and the time was not enough to actually learn the language, improvement at the more transversal level was always, always, very effective.

So we thought of focusing on how we, as mobility training professionals, could optimize the activation of the most relevant transversal competences in our field.

From there we designed the idea and created the very diverse consortium to carry out a project that seemed very ambitious at the time.

When the project was approved in 2019, we could not have imagined how ambitious and challenging its implementation could be.

We started the research among teachers, students and host companies to identify the 5 transversal competences. The research lasted 3 months and had to be interrupted with the arrival of the pandemic.

The rest is world history.

Next month we close the work, after having asked for an extension of 8 months, in order to be able to complete all the planned activities.

We have learned a lot, all of us:

the professionals who have implemented the activities, we have contaminated each other by bringing specific skills;

the schools that we have called upon to test the results;

the companies and pupils who are already using the tests;

We already have many ideas for future jobs: #softskills are the new #hardskills and our project has proved to be particularly useful, even in these years of profound changes for the labor market.