To reach our project’s goals, we are working towards the following results:

MODEL: The Skills Act 4 VET Model will define the five skills that are most required according to students, teachers and host companies.

MAP: The Skills Act 4 VET work-based Tasks Map will be a simple tool designed to enhance students’ awareness and activation of transversal skills while they are at work. Find it here

TRAINING FOR TEACHERS: Skills ACT 4 VET Modular Training Programme for Teachers will be a structured course for teachers supporting students’ awareness of the transversal skills activation process. In the beginning, the course will be developed in English; it will be later translated into the other project partners’ languages and adapted to their needs. The training programme is addressed at any VET school or organisation promoting transnational work placement experiences for their students and is structured in three parts (Before / During / After Mobility). Find it here

APP: Skills Act 4 VET Assessment Methodology will be a self-evaluation tool, designed to explore the level of the soft skills selected. Find it here