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The APP is a self-assessment tool, designed as a complementary instrument of the Work-based Tasks Map, to explore the individual self-perception and level of awareness around the targeted transversal skills. It aims at helping students in considering their skills, knowledge and awareness of themselves and to be personally and fully involved in the process of growth and change that affects them during the learning experience abroad.

The app assists students to recognize what they can do to become more effective in living and working in a different environment.

 It is not simply a tool, it is a real test, scientifically valid, that measures the achieved awareness and activation of the transversal skills defined in output 02.  It is a user-friendly multi-sectorial rating scale (through the use of emoticons) that allows to easily identify areas of strength and areas that need further development.

It will be an app, having the following characteristics:

  • The facility to complete the assessments and view results directly on mobile devices
  • The possibility for students to access the test before their departure, during their stay and after their return to their home country, so to review their progress and their learning outcomes.

The App will include an administration Interface for teachers, having the following features:

  • Access to students’ profiles and feedbacks after submission of assessments;
  • Facility to set up groups of students where members can interact with each other and access part of the learning materials used during the training sessions with the teachers;
  • View, analyse and generate statistics of group results for classroom exercises.

The App will support the development of blended learning.

The tool will be designed by referring to the developed training content and work-based Tasks Map.