Tasks Map

The Skills Act 4 VET Work-based tasks map is a simple tool thought to facilitate students’ transversal skills awareness-raising and activation while they are at work.

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This output is being designed to allow the:

  • Definition of the relationship framework linking each of the identified transversal skills to work-based learning activities and the learning situations experienced by students during their work placement abroad;
  • Elaboration of a set of behavioural descriptive elements for each identified transversal skill: elements describing an adequate level of skills’ activation, as well as elements describing an inadequate level of skills’ activation.

The Work-Based Tasks Map will further elaborate on the elements of 5 Key transversal skills and on how they are connected during the implementation of work-based learning situations in order to be activated, acquired and enhanced.

Transversal skills cannot be “taught” as subject matters but can be acquired through adequate strategies and methodologies that can effectively facilitate their development, starting from the core of the personal experiences during learning, work-related or social activities in formal, informal or non-formal contexts.

The Skills Act 4 VET work-based Tasks Map is based on the following idea: situations in which students express their behaviours and attitudes (such as a work-based learning experience abroad) are ideal to activate a process of self-reflection, critical assessment and awareness-raising around personal elements constitutive of the students’ transversal skills.

The first objective is, therefore, to activate students’ perception and awareness of their personal way of being, leading to a process of continuous improvement of their way of acting in learning situations.

The second objective concerns, therefore, the rise in the level of ability to master these skills and activate them effectively in other professional, social or personal situations

The development and enhancement of students’ transversal skills is a key task for any teacher, trainer, coach, mentor, learning facilitator that intervene in any training activity, but it is also an incredible opportunity of learning to learn from the experience of the young students and their personal development.

The Skills Act 4 VET Work-Based Tasks Map will, therefore, constitute a versatile transferable tool that could be further developed, embracing a larger number of transversal skills or describing a different learning situation that the one chosen with this project.