One of the core outputs of the project will be the development and implementation of a structured course for teachers supporting awareness building around their transversal skills activation process for their students’ mobility experience abroad.

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From the beginning, the course will be developed in English and will then be translated and localised in the other project partner languages.


It is the main project Output. The Output consists of an 18 hour modularised training programme to promote VET teachers ability in guiding students in the process of activation of key transversal skills during their work-based learning experience abroad. The training programme is addressed to any VET school or organisation promoting transnational work placement experience for their students and is structured in three parts to be delivered:

  • Before the mobility takes place (to effectively prepare the students to their learning experience and provide them with first elements of induction towards the set of transnational skills they will be invited to work on);
  • During the mobility (to guide the students through the use of the Skills Act 4 VET TaskS Map and the Self Assessment App and monitor the progress of their learning journey);
  • After the mobility completion (to allow them to assess the outcomes of their learning journey).

All the content will be developed with the aim of supporting VET teachers in enhancing students’ interest, strength, knowledge, team spirit and freedom of expression and will, therefore, constitute mainly of role plays, interactive games, practical exercises.

The training resources shall include the following content:

  • Transversal competencies, how to define them (through the Skill Identification Tool), how to facilitate their empowerment and development, how to assess them – using theoretical and practical approaches;
  • Transversal skills and work-based learning. Interactive exercises, group activities and use of the Work-based Tasks Map.

  1. AIMS
  • To provide knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to promote, guide, assist, facilitate and assess transversal skills activation through learning mobility.
  • To focus on the specific needs of VET trainers, VET professionals and accompanying teachers – providing situational learning solutions and didactical tools
  • To provide VET providers and trainers with innovative methodologies, contents and tools to promote and support effective transversal skills activation through learning mobility experiences
  • To design a training programme that can be easily transferred and considered of reference to as many VET schools as possible.

The main innovative aspect consists in creating a sustainable course for VET professionals implementable by VET providers, public authorities, an association of companies and any other organisation managing short term work-based Learning mobility experiences. The programme will be relevant to any initiative promoting such kind of experience, beyond therefore the well known Erasmus + scheme (there are in Italy only over 30 such actions funded regionally or nationally through ESF or private funding).


This Output will impact on the competences of the VET professionals involved in the management and support to work-based learning experiences abroad and will generate a substantial impact on the quality of the mobility experiences promoted adopting the project approach.

The Skills Act 4 VET training for teachers can be easily transferred in other countries or organisations dealing with an apprenticeship, alternate training, traineeship, career counselling, employment.


The output will be strictly linked with all the other project outputs and will be accessible through the project online platform.