Ready for the Multiplier Event!

During the last Transnational Meeting held in Rome on the 28th of February and 1st of March, the SkillsAct4Vet consortium discussed the final steps of the project, which ends in April.

The most important moment of the meeting was the validation of the test (IO4) that, after the data collection based on the pilot version, has been scientifically validated by the team of Elidea-Psicologi Associati.

This validation assures a practical application of the tool and its ability to measure the soft skills activation of young students during short-term internships abroad.

Another important topic discussed during the meeting was the organization of the Multiplier Events, which will be organized by every partner in the five different project countries. The aim of the events is to disseminate the project, its outputs and the tools created for VET students, teachers and mobility experts.

Tribeka is organizing the Spanish ME, which is going to take place in Malaga on 31st of March.

If you are interested in participating in the event, you can subscribe through our Google form. For more information, contact us on Fb or IG page!

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