Skills Act 4 Vet with wind in its sails

The Skills Act 4 Vet project is gaining momentum for its last phase of development. With many goals successfully achieved and several big challenges still ahead, we are getting ready for the grand finale of our soft skill-based project.

One of the main works in progress within the project is now the pilot testing of the Skills Act course for VET trainers. The platform was designed for professionals taking part in short-term internships abroad as accompanying teachers. Its aim is to prepare them, both theoretically and practically, to foster the successful development of crucial soft skills in their students before, during and after their internship abroad. The course is available for everybody interested here.

In order to adapt the course to the maximum to the real needs of its future users, we have sent its current version to teachers from different European countries asking for their feedback. The testing process is now coming to an end, with dozens of positive responds from all around Europe and many interesting suggestions to consider. We received some very enthusiastic comments, such as the one sent to us by Krzysztof Kurzeja, a VET teacher from Słupsk, Poland:

“Lots of information and very interesting forms of developing and testing soft skills. And a very different approach to the student than what is preferred here. I admit it. For me, the most important things had always been knowledge and professional skills, but now, after getting to know the course, I look at shaping students’ self-esteem, self-confidence or even cultural awareness in a different way. Now I feel differently about soft skills. I only regret that I did not have access to this course before I left for the internship with my students.”

With no better possible recommendation than this feedback, we invite all the VET teachers interested in the subject to get familiar with the course and share their opinion with us via our questionnaire.

Hugely motivated by the great response to our platform, we are ready to work tirelessly to close this phase and other tasks foreseen by the project schedule, each one of them bringing us closer to fruitful and successful outcomes.

Aleksandra Ineksiak, Tribeka training lab S.L.


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