SkillsAct4Vet Multiplier Event_Spain

This week the SkillsAct4Vet project will be presented in Malaga, during the official Multiplier Event, attended by local and international Vet teachers, Vet students, trainers, host companies tutors, host families and Vet providers.

While defining all the details for the event, we cannot help to remind some details of this long project life.

The kind of details that you don’t show on social media, but are part of the path that led to the final result:

  • the meeting from the airport, when no other slot was available in the agenda, but the urgency for mutual understanding with partners was crucial;
  • the meetings from the living room (they went on line, actually), during the first and second lock down;
  • the long, long excel documents, to collect hundreds of data to be analysed in the testing phases;
  • the meeting just to define the use of one or two different adverbs, for the #TasksMap’s grids;

And also, the calling to define the transnational meeting dates, postponed once, and once more;

the checking and double checking to realize what restrictions are in place, or have been lifted;

and finally the reality of a meeting in presence again, the students in Malaga to test the general #SkillsAct methodology and the assessment tools during the internships, the results on line, the feedback from the teachers to improve the learning platform, the growing network and new proposal to continue working on #softskillsactivation.

The prove, during the different presentations on radios, tvs, meeting in person, webinar, that the tools work, and can be used not only by Vet actors.

#SkillsAct4Vet is close to its closure, and it’s ready to start it’s impact.


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