SkillsAct4VET_ON AIR

On Tuesday 29, we had the pleasure to take part in a radio program at radioimmaginaria!

During the interview, Giulia Scavone, Agency coordinator e Training manager of Tribeka, briefly describes the SkillsACT4VET project talking about “soft skills”.

1.Radio Immaginaria:

Radio Immaginaria is based in Italy, in a small town near Bologna. The entire project is developed by students of secondary schools. It’s a growing student’s network!  They speak up for themselves about different topics they consider (to be) relevant. They are open to deal with the adult world through constant dialogue showing expertise and interest  in different fields.

We would like to say how pleasing it was for our team to reach such a young audience!

The students are the protagonists of SkilsAct4VET. Make us known by students it’s an important part of our job.  It’s a challenge we face everyday and getting them involved is part of our goals.

  1. Speaking about soft skills

The student’s interest is a proof of the validity and the current impact of our project. New emerging topics about the working world need to be addressed. Often it’s not clear what people refer to when talking about “soft skills”, despite it represents a main issue for youngsters.

What are soft skills? What are they important for students? Which are the most requested skills today? How do we get and evaluate these competences ?

Our team of 14 experts has been trying to provide an answer to those questions through the SkillsAct4VET project. After two years of analysis we came up with the solution of 5 essential skills. At the end of the evaluation we developed two new informal tools for students and teachers: an evaluation skills test and an online course to improve the soft skills approach and methodology of teachers.

Do you want to know your skill level?

You only need to be curious about the topic. Don’t waste the chance to know more!

Enjoy the interview  here , read about our results on our website and get your evaluation test! The online course is also free and available on our website.

If you are a student, share your results  with your friends and your teachers. They might be interested in deepening the topic… and why not  in  going abroad for your Erasmus+!